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Increase your earnings

HostelOffice helps you find ways to increase your earnings, bookings and visitors to your hostel. Discover new ways of earning money by promoting bed/room combinations as well as finding money that is owed to you.

HostelOffice software is designed to not only help run your hostel efficiently but also help you to discover new ways to increase your profits. By freeing up your time, and providing you with automated reports, we can show you parts of your business that you may not have known, or had the time to look at, which could provide you with increased income. Don’t lose money just because you haven’t got time!

Concurrently sell high/low season rooms all year

You decide how you want to promote your beds and rooms with the ability to sell different configurations and for different seasons.

Automated reports auto emailed each day help you collect money

You are missing out on money that is owed to you due to the speed of online transactions. HostelOffice provides you with instant reports to identify money owed to you.

Commission free - collect 100% of your room/bed price

We don’t charge any commission. Why should someone benefit from your work? You define how much you want for your room or bed and that is what you will receive. No fees or commissions mean larger incomes. You can gain 100% per booking from agents, not 85%. Let our software facilitate the highest quality bookings from guests using agent processes. Dont get in the way of people wanting to pay to stay, control your own pricing with HostelOffice.

Monetary credit for every direct automated booking via website

Thats right! We want to help you increase your earnings. If you increase your traffic you will not only be rewarded by more sustainable bookings but we will pay you credits for every direct automated booking via our integrated booking engine in your website.

Extra income will pay for the software

This software is so good, and so effective at generating extra income, that the cost of the software is paid for by the increased bookings and profit.  This software is an income generating asset and not a liability.

Projected increases that can potentially reach over 100% a year.

We have coached our clients towards a 100%+ increase in revenue per year. Our loyal clients have told us that on average their income has increased between 500-5000 euros per month after they started using our software. And all because you changed to a better management system.

Processes that push undesirable guests to your competitors
Keep your hostel focused on the guests that are deserving of your effort. HostelOffice differentiates your hostel from competitors which you will see in your reviews and ratings.
Increased guest comfort

The integrated ID Scanner positively increases the feeling of security at your hostel and discourages opportunistic unplanned theft. The end result is improved reviews and ratings that attract more bookings.

Yield Management
Yield Management is a complex in depth art more than knowing when to lower your price below that of your competitors. We will introduce you to the most advanced solution exposing the price and availability of your competitors. You will receive alerts so you will know when to increase price for specific beds on specific dates.
Price Taker or Price Maker?

By focusing on your competitor pricing you are a price taker. We show you how to become a price maker.

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