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If you want to get a quick look at HostelOffice software then you can download a demo version below. For new customers and existing ones we also have a set of training videos to help you get started.

Download the demo software and try HostelOffice. We promise you won’t be dissappointed.

Make sure on your computer under System Preferences, Security and Privacy that you have enabled software to be downloaded from “Anywhere”. Also the software must NOT be saved on the Desktop otherwise there will be sporadic errors. Save to folder you store in Documents. Then create an Alias you drag to stay on Desktop.

HostelOffice training videos

Introduction to Hostel Office

Software for Backpacker Hostels worldwide supplied by Hostel Office. Includes central DormBook commonly known as a Property Management Software (PMS) that feeds in to DormBook that is the integrated booking engine for the website. There is also the managers backoffice component.


Hostel Website Booking Engine

Booking engine for a hostel’s website. Fully automated and integrated in to the supplied Room Management component also known as a PMS.


Hostel Software Reports from Hostel Office

Hostel Reports , there are too many to list all here but include Occupation, source of booking, guest contact details, tax reports, method of payment, house keeping etc and all can be set to be sent automatically.

Setting up the new HostelOffice booking engine

Setting up the new booking engine is very easy. It just takes a little patience and some spare time.

Hostels listing with multiple agents

The Golden Backpack Awards in Sydney also includes earlier on the same day the Adventure & Backpacker Industry Conference. At the 2012 ABIC, Gary Oriordan from the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) presented on Yield Management and he mentioned in passing that Hotels are moving towards seeking more direct bookings so as to rely less on agents.

iCloud Vs LAN based Hostel Software

Why is LAN based software more Flexible but less Reliable and less Secure

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