Why use HostelOffice software?

Used by hostels worldwide

Many new user’s profit increases around 100% as a result of using our hostel software? HostelOffice enables so many additional bookings for hostels and increased profit per booking that many users of our software open an additional hostel within a year of using our software. If you are not using our software then you are encouraging others to open hostels in your city.

Works direct with agent

The Only hostel software solution that does not rely on third party Channel Manager software to gain you the agent integrations with the PMS we provide. All our integrated agents are direct and based on direct legal agreements with those agents.

No third party ‘logmein’ software required.

Comes standard with a fully integrated booking engine for your website and remote access without the need for third party remote access software. Managers download the software on to as many of their computers as they like so they access the front office from their laptop anywhere in the world.

Over 15 years experience

Dorm Project is the name of the Hostel Front Office software with over 15 years proven market operation. Two Way fully automated hostel software – Hostel to Agent and Agent to Hostel – with no staff intervention required.

More Direct bookings

HostelOffice software improves your Google ranking automatically so that you gain more commission free direct bookings. You will also be networked with other users so they promote your hostel to their guests. See How. Our software elevates your hostel to be a leader in your city so that you do not have to lower prices to gain more bookings. Read How

We become your personal trainer

We function like a personal trainer for hostels. The more effort you are willing put in to gaining a profitable hostel then the more assistance we will provide free of charge. If you follow all our instructions you will pay less to us and gain rebates from us. We will show you how to can get to a point where you pay us nothing per month, gain Google credits from us each month, and you are gaining as many 100% bed price paying guests as possible.

Synchs with all major agents

Let us change your income from 88% to over 100% per booking

With so many features and functions of software it is easy to lose sight of the bottom line benefits. This film makes it clear that the software generates money for the hostel owner and is not a cost to you, you will gain more free time and have less stress and more certainty as a result of using the HostelOffice software.

Hostel Office features

User Friendly

  • Available for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Graphic User Interface.
  • Drag n Drop bookings.
  • YouTube accessible training films.
  • Management access levels.
  • No onsite server required

Frees up your time

  • Preset future room allocations and prices.
  • Preset future tours and activities.
  • Auto email messages to all guests before arrival.
  • Automatic daily reports via email.
  • Integrated booking engine for FaceBook, Mobile devices and your website

Safe and Secure

  • Mirrored data for disaster recovery.
  • Not Web Based so is accessible without internet
  • Audit trail for every single edit.
  • Setup includes importing of all existing Hostelworld and HostelBookers bookings.

An introduction to HostelOffice software

More reasons to use Hostel Software

Our main aim is to reduce your cost

This includes:

  • Cost of the software
  • Cost of monetary leakage
  • Cost of lost bookings you could have gained, and
  • Cost of administration
Any software that reduces these costs wins orders from hostel owners. But the qualifiers that validate a purchase decision for hostel managers are:
  • No loss of data
  • Reliable up time
  • User friendly
  • Independent Managers control panel
  • Remote access
  • View of all staff action
  • Increases agent bookings
  • Increases direct bookings
  • Increases profit per booking
  • No longer need to manually adjust allocations on agent backoffices
The qualifiers for staff are:
  • User friendly
  • Reliable
  • Automation of tasks
  • Contributes to a successful business and long term employment.

Getting Started

40 euros a month is the base price that you add 1 euro on top for every 2 beds in your hostel and then the agent integrations are priced in proportion to the amount of beds the hostel has. So a 50 bed hostel would pay 90 euros a month for the software integrating with 4 agents.

The agent integration options are Google Hotels that includes Google Maps and Google Locations, TripAdvisor's TripConnect integration, HiHostels, Agoda, Booking.com, HostelBookers, HostelsClub, GOMIO, and Hostelworld that includes, WeHostels, Hostels.com and Bed&BreakfastWorld if you want. If you feel there is a need to be integrated with another 20 agents then we can enable that via our integration with a channel manager.

Because we have a far superior integrated booking engine for your website and have automated functions that gain your hostel more Google reviews and ratings that in turn leads to more direct bookings you do not have to feel the need to give allocation to every agent. If you do give allocation to every agent then you risk pushing out 100% bed price paying guests and replacing them with commission lost bookings as outlined here.

Do Not Pay 12 Months Up Front

Your first two invoices are for 3 months duration each and thereafter invoices are every 6 months. Free trials are only possible after the 200 Euro setup fee is paid as we are very serious about making hostels successful and we need the hostel to be committed and as serious.

We do not lock you in with a contract because we are confident the solution will keep you happy.

We will also permanently reduce your monthly fee by 25 euros per month for every new user you introduce.

Book into your hostel using the new Hostel Guru app!


HostelOffice user hostels are bookable on the Hostel Guru smart phone app.  Backpackers and other travellers connect with each other on the app and book in to HostelOffice hostels on the app. This enables your hostel to co-operate with feeder hostels and better able to compete with chain hostels.

Find out more on the Hostel Guru website.iphon5_hand

Free Frequent Upgrades

Our programmers are also software owners so you have extra security knowing they will not depart the business leaving us short of programming skills. These programmers work full time adding features and functions to the software that you receive in seamless and frequent upgrades.